Studio Desk Build

Studio Desk Build

This is a build I did for a customer who wanted a desk for their home studio.  The desk measures 84 inches long by 32 inches wide. The desk is made out of walnut and was finished with an oil stain.

I used 75 board foot of rough cut walnut to complete the build. I tried to chose the best figured walnut I could find. The wood was planed and jointed.


After the boards were squared up it was time to put the top together. This was done using biscuits and glue and the top was clamped together.


After the glue set up for 24 hours it was time for sanding. I hand sanded the walnut down to 600 grit.


The desk called for a second top with 19 inch spacing in order to except a standard rack mount for audio equipment. The deck was sanded and jointed just as the main desk top was. The customer also wanted 2 drawers for added storage. 


I wound up cutting dovetails for the drawers in order to give the overall desk a  more refined look.


I used factory made steel legs for the desk.


After sanding it was time to apply a finish. I used a tongue oil for this project and it really made the walnut 'POP".


Before assembly of the desk I finished off with multiple coats of Mylands wax to coat the surface and bring out the grain of the wood.


The customer was very happy with their purchase. They are sure to get many years of use out of. 



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